We analysed Stack Overflow tags to understand the most popular languages & also understand the sub-tags within the broader programming language to get insight into what questions are on people’s minds.

Most Popular Programming Languages
The language with most number of questions asked is Java followed by Javascript, C#, PHP, jQuery, Python, HTML, C++ respectively. Of top 50 tags the top 10 occupy over 55% of the questions and top 6 namely Java, Javascript, C#, PHP, Jquery is over 41% of volume.


Java occupies the top position with over 10% questions among top 50 tags. When we examine the tags related to Java, the most number of questions, infact 13% of total questions are  tagged with ‘android’, followed by Java’s GUI toolkit Swing. Important observations include JSP, server side scripting technology, which occupies 2% of the whole volume of questions relating to Java.

Javascript is neck & neck in terms of popularity with Java.

Though being used in many areas like game development, the tags cotagged with Javascript are mostly related to related to building web pages. jQuery the client side Javascript library occupies a whopping 35% of volume.
Notable observations are web application framework AngularJS with around 4% of volume and Node.js, the runtime for networking applications which account to around 2.9% of total questions.

PHP is easily the most popular server side scripting language on stackoverflow.

MySQL and SQL seem to be the databases mostly used with PHP with questions which form 17.6% and 3.9% of all PHP questions.
The blogging tool and CMS, WordPress which is based on PHP and web application framework for PHP, CodeIgniter are important observations here.


Web framework Django amounting to 10.5% of all the queries relating to Python is the most favorite web framework in Python followed by Flask which amounts to 1.4% of the queries.
The questions related to Python 3.x versions are 3.2% of volume.
Pythons packages for scientific computing, NumPy, data analytics library Pandas, 2D plotting library Matplotlib are important factors contributing to the popularity of Python with the volume of 3.6%, 2.3% and 2.2% respectively